In 2015 the AHA launched its Career Contacts program, one of many initiatives to promote career diversity for history Ph.D.’s. The Career Contacts program pairs current Ph.D. students with Ph.D.’s in history working in a variety of fields, in order to expand awareness of the variety of careers that history Ph.D.’s pursue, and “help junior historians articulate the value of their training and of historical perspectives in a variety of professional settings.”

Last week, our own Max Lazar took advantage of this resource offered by the AHA. He spoke on the phone with Dylan Reudiger, who is the Coordinator for Career Diversity for Historians and Institutional Research at the AHA. Max said that he and Dylan had a substantial chat, exploring not only Max’s intellectual interests, but also the type of work and activities that he finds most exciting and fulfilling. With this information in mind, Dylan then spoke about some careers (in addition to the traditional academic path), that he thought Max might find interesting. At the conclusion of their talk, Dylan followed up with Max and passed along the contact information of a person who works as a Faculty Instruction Consultant and Assistant Director Graduate Student Professional Enhancement. Max can now set up an informational interview with this contact in order to learn more about how their position and how it utilizes or complements their historical training.

If you’re interested in participating in the AHA Career Contacts program, read more on their website about becoming a Junior Contact. This is an excellent free resource, and a way to make the exploration of diverse careers for History Ph.D.’s more tangible.